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The Colacci Family: New Owners of Angelo's. Angelo and Anna "Maria" our daughter Antonella (Nella), our sons Stefano and Marco.


Angelo and Maria, both born in Italy. Angelo immigrated to the U.S.A. in 1980 and Maria immigrated with her family in 1970. Still connected very much to Italy as we have many family members there, we consider it our home away from home and the best of both worlds!

Life in Italy was wonderful but as a young man Angelo decided to move and visit "America"; as his aunt and uncle invited him to come, they owned a restaurant of their own, he came and joined them in their family business…..AND THAT'S WHERE IT ALL BEGAN.

Angelo realized his love of cooking and pizza making right beside his uncle Tony, they worked and lived together and enjoyed their creative cooking styles and trying new things. Maria enjoys cooking, as her mom did right beside her as a young girl learning all the ways "it" was done. Family and friends always enjoyed some form of homemade meal or desserts when they visit. Sundays was a "major holiday" as it was a big cooking day for grandparents and family members to get together.

Our focus with Angelo's is just that doing what we love and expanding on that….cooking as we do at home, being creative with dishes not usually found in this area, being a bit different than the next guy at a great value and service, we do our own preparation from start to finish~ peeling, frying, baking, such as: Meatballs, Lasagna, Chicken Cutlets for Parmiggiano, Francaise, Milanese style, Eggplant, our own marinades, seasonings, fish fry batter, potatoe skins, mozzarella sticks or blocks, cannoli and more……

Our homemade meat sauce is so enjoyed by all; our staple for all our sauce meals. Our pizza sauce is also well enjoyed and we've gotten rave reviews. Our pizza sauce is light and tasty seasoned just right to add to our pizza or Marinara sauce meals. Our pizza is thin crust and crispy with high quality products such as: mozzarella, pepperoni, peppers, fresh mushroom and onions.

We are proud of our cooking and working hard to continue this while trying new and tasty meals. Come join us, and bring your family for a pizza, spaghetti dinner, seafood meal or calzone! WE ARE NOT JUST A PIZZA SHOP!

Angelo and Maria

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