Todays' Lunch Specials

Today's Lunch Specials At Angelo's



SMALL GRINDER SPECIAL: Includes: French fries and soda $7.95

COLD PLATE TRIO: Includes: salad, chicken salad, potato salad and fresh mozzarella or cottage cheese $6.95

SHRIMP BASKET: Includes:3 jumbo shrimp- deep fried,  French fries, coleslaw and tartar sauce $8.95

  Lunch Specials

11:30-3:30 Monday through Saturday*

Some prices may change in-restaurant due to market price fluctuations. We update lunch menu frequently for variety. We apologize for an inconvienence. Check with server for any questions on prices and/or menu changes. THANK YOU!


Alert us of anyone with food Allergies

~Salads and Cold Plate~

Small Salad                                                            $3.95

Large Salad                                                            $5.50

Caesar Salad                                                           $5.95

Tuna Salad- Large/Small  $8.25/$6.95

 Cold Chicken Salad- large/Small $8.25/$6.95

Grilled Chicken Salad- large/Small $8.25/$6.95                                 

Buffalo Chicken Salad- Large/Small  $8.25/$6.95 

Seafood Salad-Large/Small  $8.25/$6.95

Cold Plate- Large/Small   $8.95/$6.95

   Includes: chicken salad, cottage cheese, peach slice

Antipasto or Chef Salad- Large/Small  $8.25/$6.95


~SANDWICHES~ Lunch time only

Served with choice of: Sliced bread, water roll or wrap:

Add: Fries, onion rings or Italian potatoes for~       $1.95

Grilled cheese & Tomatoe            $4.50

Grilled Ham & Cheese                    $5.50

BLT   $5.50

Cold Chicken Salad $5.50

Grilled Chicken Breast-Our own marinade     $6.50

Chicken Filet or Parmiggiano  $5.95

Roasted Turkey – Fresh Turkey breast baked on-site  $5.95

1/3lb. Cheeseburger   $5.50

Roast Beef  $5.95

Philly Steak- includes, peppers, onion, mushroom   $5.95

Grilled Sweet or Hot Sausage with Peppers &Onions   $5.50

Petite Grinder: Limited Selections     $4.95



Available only 10” size

Additional toppings for $1.00

Cheese-                                                                       $4.99

Gourmet Pizza are served without changes, additions or substitutions

Gourmet Pizza                                                              $8.50

Chicken Genovese                             Chicken Bleu

 Chicken Florentine                            Chicken Bergamo     

La Romana                                         Toscana

Sausage Matriciana                           Margherita      


~Pasta Meals~

Add: Sausage or Meatballs$1.95

Add: Soup of the Day or Salad  $1.95


Available with:  Spaghetti, Fettuccini, Penne,

Served with choice of: Marinara, Meat sauce, Alfredo, Garlic &Olive Oil, Matriciana, Bolognese or Puttanesca & Garlic bread.       $5.95                   

Lasagna, Eggplant Parmiggiana, Manicotti, Stuffed Shells (cheese or meat),includes garlic bread     $6.95



Add: Soup of the Day or Salad        $1.95


Chicken Parmiggiana, Chicken Broccoli Alfredo, Chicken Marsala,

Chicken Francaise, includes: your choice of pasta & garlic bread           $7.50


Chicken Basket w/Fries & coleslaw      $6.95

Rosted, Stuffed Turkey, veggies, cranberry sauce     $6.95

Roasted & Stuffed Porkloin w/veggies  $6.95

Chopped Sirloin or Steak Marsala w/Italian Potatoe & Veggie  $6.95

Meatloaf w/mash potatoe & veggies       $6.95

Fried Haddock or Baked Cod w/Fries & coleslaw      $7.50

Tilapia Francaise over Pasta                      $8.95

Salmon w/citrus glaze, veggie & Italian potatoe         $9.95

Fried Clam Strips w/fries & coleslaw        $7.95

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